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Quick Update

Update - Stuart MilesYou may have noticed that there wasn’t a Frugality Friday post yesterday. I’ve been sick all week and too exhausted to post. Regardless, I may need to experiment with the frequency of Frugality Friday posts, as sometimes it is a challenge to have a new post up every single Friday because of my personal schedule or other things I need to attend to in my life. I feel that blogging should be a fun activity, and it becomes less fun when it feels like there’s an obligation to meet a deadline every week. I already have deadlines to meet at my full-time 9-to-5 job! So there may be times when there isn’t a Frugality Friday post on a Friday (and who knows, there may be times when I’m on a roll and can post every Friday for a period of time). With that being said, thanks to every single one of you who support this blog by following it. It means a lot to me!

Although, there was no Frugality Friday post this week, I will be making a Mother’s Day post following this one, because it’s such a special day that warrants a new post. After all, I’m sure we all want to spoil dear old mom without blowing our budget!

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