Frugality Wise

Tips, ideas, and resources for living frugally


My name is Saundra and I live in Toronto, Canada. I’m on a personal journey to live more frugally. This desire to curb some of my spending came about fairly recently. I was living with my long-time partner for a few years. One of the many obvious perks of co-habitating is splitting the cost of all shared living expenses. I was doing well with my savings, and still had enough discretionary income to buy what I wanted (within my means, of course). And I do love to shop! Online shopping, in particular. Unfortunately, my partner and I split up, and I found a place of my own to live that is close to work. My living expenses have now essentially doubled since I’m now covering the full cost of everything on my own, yet my salary remains the same, for the time being. I needed to get serious and start running a tight ship on my finances! I now look for ways to cut back on expenses, and try to use money-saving strategies when I do have to make purchases.

In this blog I will share my experiences, and offer frugality wise tips, ideas, and resources so that more money stays in your wallet and bank account. I hope you enjoy my blog and find useful tips that you can implement into your life!


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