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Frugality Friday: Pantyhose – Dust Your Way to a Cleaner Home (And Other Uses)

on May 16, 2014

I’m sure all of us ladies have appreciated at one time or another how flattering our legs look in a pair of pantyhose. And men, I’m sure you’ve admired the smooth legs of a woman walking by and don’t even realize that she’s wearing pantyhose! This common item found in almost any home in which a woman resides can be used for so much more than just legwear.

Keep Hair In Place

When I was younger I used to sleep in a stocking cap made of pantyhose to keep my hair in place when I went to sleep in order to prevent messy, tangled bedhead when I woke up in the morning. A stocking cap is also a good alternative to a hair net if you are preparing food for guests and want to keep your hair out of the way and prevent any lose strands from falling. (No one wants to pull a strand of hair out of their now unappetizing plate of food!) A stocking cap is simple to make:

  • Take a clean pair of pantyhose and tie a knot where the legs connect to the “panty” part of the pantyhose. Make sure the knot is tight.
  • To finish, cut the legs off leaving only about a couple of inches length from the knot.

Instead of a full pair of pantyhose, another option is to use knee-high pantyhose. Take one of the knee-highs and put it over your head ensuring proper coverage of your skull. Tie a tight knot close to the crown of your head, and cut the leg off leaving behind a couple of inches.

Here are other ways to use pantyhose and save money:

hair bun - stockimagesAs a ponytail holder. Are your current ponytail holders frayed and so stretched out they’re hanging on by a thread? Instead of running out to buy a new pack, grab a pair of old pantyhose and cut a 3-inch thick horizontal strip across the leg. Use the strip as you would a store-bought ponytail holder. Simple!



furniture - Studio Cl Art - photlAs a duster. Use pantyhose to dust furniture or anything else that needs dusting. To create a makeshift duster to get rid of dust bunnies, ball up a pair of pantyhose and fasten it with a rubber band to a coat hanger, a knitting needle, or any other long, thin object you have around your home. Instant duster, MacGyver style! Dust clings to pantyhose material, and the pantyhose can be washed after dusting for reuse the next time you need it.



shoes 2 - Gualberto107Buff your shoes. Don’t have a shoe buffer around? No problem. You don’t need to go out and buy one. Freshly polished shoes can be buffed with pantyhose to bring out their shine.



teddy bear 2 - Stuart MilesAs stuffing for soft toys. Has your child’s favourite teddy bear seen better days? If teddy has lost a little “weight” (i.e. some of his stuffing has fallen out after months or years of wear and tear), plump him back up again by stuffing him with clean balled-up pantyhose and then sew him back up. He’ll be good as new!


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