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How to Save Money When Shopping for Clothes

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I love to shop! Especially online shopping. Nothing’s easier than typing in the web address to my favourite online clothing retailer, browsing for things to put in my virtual shopping cart, and checking out with my credit card or PayPal account…all from the comfort of my couch. No walking up and down crowded malls with tired feet and increasingly heavy bags, dodging and weaving through slow-moving people and going from store to store endlessly browsing through racks. (Although, years ago when I was younger this is exactly what I did, and could do it for 3 hours, and love every minute of it!) Of course, the biggest advantage of shopping in person at a mall is being able to try on the items before purchasing. However, I digress. This blog entry is not intended to talk about the pros and cons of online vs. in-person shopping. Regardless of what shopping method you choose, as someone who is embracing the concept of frugality, you need to shop wisely in order to save some money on this type of expenditure. Here are a few tips for frugality wise clothes shopping.

Make a shopping list.

Just like you would when you go grocery shopping, create a list of the clothing items you want to buy. Be specific. A list will give you focus and purpose. If you go to the mall and you see something that’s not on your list, don’t buy it! It obviously wasn’t a true need in the first place; otherwise it would have been on your list.

Take stock of your existing inventory of clothes.

If you have things in your closet that you haven’t worn much in the past or at all, and for whatever reason you know you really won’t be wearing them in the future, then sell them. I am guilty of having clothes in my closet for ages, never worn and with the tags still on. Sell these clothes online at places like eBay or Kijiji, or have a garage sale. With the extra room in your closet and the extra money you make from selling your unwanted items, you will have the money to spend towards that cute top you’ve been eyeing that’s now on sale!

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Becoming Debt-Free

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan /

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan /

Are you carrying a lot of debt on your shoulders? The first step in living frugally is to pay off your debt…the sooner, the better! Frugality and debt cannot effectively co-exist, so here are a few tips for becoming debt-free.

Pay off the full balance of your monthly credit card bill.

Paying only the minimum amount and carrying forward the remaining balance into the next month will incur interest charges towards your balance. Save yourself from paying unnecessary interest charges by paying off the full balance by the due date every month. I usually make one payment a month and pay off my balance on or prior to the due date near the end of the month. Some people choose to pay as they go, i.e. they will make a purchase with their credit card and immediately pay off the expense. So someone who makes multiple purchases with their credit card will make multiple credit card payments throughout the month. Whichever payment schedule you follow is up to you. The important point here is that you should have a zero balance prior to the start of a new month.

Cut up and cancel your credit cards.

I know, this one is a little drastic. However, if you lack the will-power to curb overspending then perhaps cutting up the credit cards is best for you at this time. Your savings account will thank you! Credit cards make goods and services exceptionally easy to obtain, and help enable impulse buying for those who lack will-power.

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